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Old Houses & Historic Houses

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Historic Houses & Victorian Houses: Featuring interior images, architectural drawings, landscape designs and floor plans of Victorian homes. Old House Plans: A collection of free house plans including charming farm house plans, luxury Southern mansion house plans, Victorian home plans. Pictures of Victorian Houses: Fixing up an old house? Find hundreds of Victorian homes in the old house photo gallery. Farmhouse Designs: A large porch as its central feature invites the passer-by to walk in and share the comfort.


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Old Houses and Victorian Houses
Explore interior images, architectural drawings, landscape designs, floor plans, and history of the historic houses. Begin your project with online bath design, bathroom decor and bathroom fixtures.

Garden Design

Garden Design
You can take your Victorian home garden to the next level. Design the perfect garden online with free virtual garden tools. You can even plan Victorian gardening designs through tips and pictures.

Old House Plans

Old House Plans
A collection of free house plans including charming farm house plans, luxury Southern mansion house plans, Victorian home plans, period Craftsman house plans that expands the average Craftsman bungalow into an expansive country house. Find free old house plans.

Old House Photo Gallery

Old House Photo Gallery
Explore hundreds of photos of old houses, cottages and the Victorian home for inspiration for your next remodeling and restoration project. We encourage you to upload your own photos of old houses or any old home built before 1940 to share with others.

old house plansOld House Plans

Collection of old house plans featuring farm house plans, Southern mansion house plans, Victorian house plans, and Craftsman house plans.

Landscape Design

If your want to take your garden design to the next level then find free landscape design software download for online garden design. Design a flower garden on your computer.

Vintage Bathroom Pictures

Highlighting bathroom fixtures that modernize old houses baths without sacrificing the charm of days gone by. Winner of the “America’s Ugliest Bathrooms” contest, updates include glossy subway tiles and a new clawfoot tub.

English Cottage Garden

The passion for flowers and the love of their color is to be seen more than anywhere else in the English Cottage Garden..

Greenhouse Designs

Greenhouses can be decked-out with ornate cast iron furniture or can be adapted as a place to carry out hobbies and interests due to the abundance of natural light.

Victorian Gardening

Victorian Gardening
Restoring the garden at your Victorian home? Explore photos of Victorian gardens for inspiration. Create the perfect outdoor garden, find information on Victorian house patio furniture, garden accessories, garden decor, garden design.


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